Our Mail Services Include:

  • Presort First Class
  • Third Class Bulk Mailing
  • Labeling
  • Inserting
  • Folding
  • Daily Courier Pick-ups
  • Mail Merges
  • Data Input
  • Tabbing
  • Delivery Statistic Retreival
  • Hand Sorting
  • Postage
  • Sealing
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    Mailings Made Easy has a pretty self explanatory name. We make your mailings easy to handle. Or just don't handle it at all! Let us do everything for you. Call us at 518-793-6785 or contact us online to get started today.
    Please Note: Discounts based on current USPS rates and weight requirements!
  • Services

    Mailings Made Easy not only offers less expensive postage rates. We offer everything else to complete your mailing from start to finish. We understand the saying “so much to do, so little time”. Let us help out.

    In the shop, we have plenty of high-tech machines to do all the tedious things to complete a mailing such as folding, tabbing, and sealing. We also have plenty of hard workers to do the rest such as inserting, hand sorting, and labeling. But there are other options!

    Instead of printing labels or having pieces inserted into envelopes, we have computer programs and printing machinery so that the addresses and postage or permit numbers can be printed directly onto the piece from your very own mailing list. It’s as simple as an e-mail. Also, while we have your list in the system, we can easily run it through a program that quickly checks wrong addresses, which is required every 95 days.

    Mailings Made Easy also offers courier services for those who can’t find the time to drop mail off to us. We currently have four routes in which we pick up mail from 9am to 5pm during the week. Our courier services range from Warrensburg all the way to Ballston Spa. Contact us today and let us know where you can fit in!

    First Class

    Our business offers two types of First Class Mail. We offer Regular First Class which will send your pieces out at regular rates as if you were to go to the post office. Many people, including clients and walk-ins, send mail this way if they don’t have enough pieces to make a mailing or if they just have a handful of mail to be sent out each day and don’t have time to wait in line at the Post Office. Regular First Class mail also includes Priority Mail, Express Mail (in which we offer a slight discount), International Mail, Insured Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Certified Mail with Return Receipts, and packages.

    Presort First Class is where you would be saving your money on postage. The rates start out at saving you $.10 per piece for any typed-address letter that weighs less than one ounce, and then goes up from there depending on the weight of the piece. You only have to have five pieces to go Presort First Class, but the more you have the better. Once we’ve applied the postage to your pieces, our automated sorting machine sorts them by zip and sprays a barcode at the bottom. Our machine sorts 15,000 pieces per hour! A majority of our clients use this method of mailing to send out invoices, monthly updates, and report cards for students, or even just daily letters that qualify to go on the machine.

    Third Class

    Third Class Mail could be a real money saver for you! Just like First Class mail, Third Class also has two different types including Standard and Non Profit. Both save money like you wouldn’t believe with only a few different qualifications.

    Third Class Standard mailings start out at $.194 per piece for postage! Rates may vary depending on the location of the pieces being sent, but never goes above $.276! This time it doesn’t depend on the weight. Third Class mail with typed addresses and that have everything inside the piece exactly the same can all go at the same postage rate no matter if it weighs one ounce or three ounces!

    Non Profit Third Class is for businesses that are registered with the Glens Falls Post Office and have received a non profit identification number. With that number, your postage costs will start out at $.089 per piece, again, depending on the location of the pieces being sent.

    Under the Standard and Non Profit mail classifications, there are also other ways of sending. We offer carrier routing, including data statistic retrieval, flats, some parcels, postcards, etc. If you just have us take a look at what you’re trying to send, we can let you know how much you can potentially save on postage costs by processing it Third Class.